´╗┐All of us at APG hope this message finds you and those dear to you, anywhere in the world, safe and healthy. The world is continuing to fight an invisible and deadly enemy. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on our industry. We all have a long road ahead of us before we see meaningful signs of recovery. What we do in these next weeks and months will define who we are on every level as companies, as nations, and as a global community. We can survive this. Coming together to support one another, we will be stronger and better than ever.

Together with AFV Partners, we are fortunate to be in a position where we are able to provide help for those that are in need and are doing so by launching our CARES program.

Effective immediately:

  • We are extending payment terms an additional 15 days beyond your current monthly payment term.  There are no qualification requirements to receive this extension.
  • The extension of payment term is available to all customers.
  • We will waive any late payment fees until the COVID-19 crisis is behind us.
  • You may apply for additional program benefits that we have available.

Please complete the following form to confirm your participation in the program.